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Web-based Platforms Development

Access your applications everywhere anytime with a browser and internet.

Content Management System

Old-fashioned websites built by static HTML which requires technical know-how to update the content. The modern websites are mostly created by Content Management System (CMS) in which updating content is just like writing a blog.

We provide fancy HTML5 Sliders, Layout Builders, predefined content element like typography, accordion, tabs, Carousel, image box, video box, icons, buttons and more.

Featured Showcase

Dialogue in the Dark

E-Commerce Platform

We developed e-commerce platforms like e-shop and marketplace for enterprise to expand their business and boost their sales online. We integrate with all common payment gateway like Paypal, Paydollar and Alipay etc.

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KES Home

Membership & Event Registration Platform

A well-designed system can facilitate effective and easy management for users/members and events registration, let alone reports and analytics about the users and events data.

Featured Showcase

HKFYG Leadership Institute

Workflow & Management System

Efficient operation and management needs a good workflow and management system to streamline and simply the process with audit trail and clear accountability. We developed a flexible workflow engine to easily customize for individual business operation needs.

Are you looking for any system?

Just contact us and our IT experts will advise you what kind of system is best suitable for your business.

Our Featured Web Products



E-learning and School Workflow and Administration Management



Web ERP system for small-medium enterprises